Dancing in Red


  1. Payment at the door on the day is £12.00 per person.

  2. Pay for 4 consecutive classes at £10.00 per person.  Total £40.00

  3. The classes run for 2 hours with a break between them.

  4. The payment does not include any drinks or food.

  5. Classes are for 16 years old, and older.

  6. Once classes start, there will be no refund.

  7. If the instructor cancels or if the government changes the policies these classes will be past to a future day or whatever is better for the parties and in mutual agreetment.

  8. Use of a mask is mandatory with the exception of a medical condition.

  9. In case of self-isolating, the class or classes can be:

    • Past to the next block of classes.

    • It can be refunded.  This refund will be in the same way it was paid,