We offer Salsa and Bachata classes for 16 years old and older.

We teach:

SALSA = crossbody on 1

BACHATA =  Moderna and Sensual

People are separate according to their dance level.  Beginners, improvers, intermediate or advanced.

If this is your first time, or you have attended less than 10 hours, we recommend you to join the beginners level.

The classes start at 7 p.m. and they run for 50 minutes with a 10 minutes break beetween them.

You do not need to bring a partner.

We do rotation between couples therefore everyone has the oportunity to practice. (this is optional)

We offer SOCIAL DANCE but it will be available from the end of June.

Social Dance is the opportunity to practice with people from other levels. We always recommend to stay to this option since it helps you to build confidence.  Social Dance runs after the classes for 2 hours.

There is no time or number of classes to level up. It all depends on the attitude of the person. But about 8 hours of classes will be required to advance from beginner to improvers.

Please note the beginners level is the most important, so please do not go to the next level on your own, wait for your instructor to give you this option.