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Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Dance Etiquette

Learning to dance with others. During the classes you will be in close contact with other people in the group, so keep your clothes neat and clean.  Try not to eat food with a lot of garlic or onions before the class, as they can cause an unpleasant odor and use deodorant.

Always be on time for your classes. If you can't avoid being late, enter very quietly and wait for the instructor to ask you to join the class. 

Listen to your instructor instructions. That means don't talk while they're talking.

Stay for the entire class. It's always best to stay for the entire class, but if you must leave early, talk to the instructor beforehand and make your exit as quick and discreet as possible.

Pay attention at all times, especially when waiting for your turn. You don't want to get caught hunched over or looking bored.

Put away the mobile phone. Turn it off. Putting it on vibrate can still make a distracting noise.

Try your best.  If you make the mistake of taking a class that's above your skill level, never quit or get fustrated- hang in there and try your best, no one will blame you for that.

Try to practice as much as you can.  If you are tired and you just turned someone down, it's rude to get up and dance immediately with someone else.

Let's keep the dance floor clean.  If you're carring some drinks and spill something, please clean it up before someone slips and gets hurt.

Less is better.  Try to wear jewelry that can't cause harm to your fellow dancer.

Dance at your partner's ability.  If you are an experienced  leader dancing with a beginner follower, don't expect them to do advanced moves.  Build the dance.  Start with easy movements and, when you see they can follow then try more advanced moves. Remember we all have been at that point before.  Finally if you haven't been asked for advice, refrain from giving it. 

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  Follower wear regular shoes with smooth soles, such as leather or suede, for easy movements on the dance floor. Leaders don't wear shoes that have a strong grip (like running or tennis shoes), these are going to stop you turning smoothly and could even hurt your ankles or knees.

Take care of others.  When you come to class, it is important that your are healthy.  This means that you must be free of cold or flu symptoms.  If you don't feel well, stay at home and rest. And since you often dance in close contact, the probability of infecting someone increses considerable.

When the class ends.  Always thank your instructor and try to improve for next time.

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