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Dancing in Red
Weekly classes
Taster Class
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Terms and Conditions
  1. The classes and events organized by Rumba Latina are aimed at people eighteen y/o and older.
  2. Teens can attend classes but under the supervision of an adult relative.
  3. The classes fee can be paid in advance or on the day of the class.
  4. We accept credit/debit card, bank transfer and cash payments.
  5. Advertised instructors or classes may change without previous notice.
  6. The cost does not include any drinks or food.
  7. Classes start and end at pre-set times.
  1. Parties are open to everyone over the age of 18, regardless of dance level.
  2. Once you pay your entry fee, there are no refunds.
  3. Entry fee does not include any drinks or food.
  4. DJs announced in the advertising can change without previous notice.
  5. You can bring your own drinks and food.
  1. The taster class is free and is only for new clients, of any level (beginners, imporvers, intermediate or advanced).
  2. The beneficiary can redeem this free class only in weekly classes (Monday or Thursday).
  3. This promotion cannot be redeemed on Saturdays.
  4. It can be exchanged for one or both dance styles taught on that specific day.
  5. This free class cannot be transferred to another person, nor can it be exchanged for money.
  6. The subscribed person must present the confirmation email to obtain this promotion.
  7. The subscriber has ONE month to use this promotion.
  1. They can be purchased on the website or in person.
  2. The beneficiary must be 18 years old and older.
  3. The eGift card can be redeemed at any class, event, and venue.
  4. After the form and payment is received, you can pick up your card at the door.
  5. This redeem card must be presented each time you wish to attend the classes.
  6. You will have THREE months (starting from the day of payment) to use the eGift card, after this period there will be no refunds for any unused classes.
  7. If you cannot attend, you can transfer the eGift to another person, but only with a prior mutual agreement with us.
  1. Classes take place at the instructor's home.
  2. If the student wants to receive classes at his/her place or in any other venue, there will be an additional cost for transportation.
  3. The total number of classes must be paid in at least 48 hours in advanced.
  4. Rumba Latina will send a confirmation text with days, times, and venue.
  5. Cancellations require at least 24-hour notice.
  6. If fail to cancel within the notice period, the class/es will be counted as given without any claim.
  7. Once a class/es has been paid there will be no refunds.
  8. If a contract is set for a minimum of 10 hours, you will have SIX months (starting from the day of payment) to redeemed them, after this period there will be no refunds for any unused classes.
  9. If you cannot redeem them, you can transfer them to another person, but only with a prior mutual agreement with us.




  1. Membership fee is £30.00 per year, per person.
  2. Membership is valid for one year and begins on the day of the payment.
  3. Members get £2.00 discount on the classes.
  4. The member's discount is only valid with the presentation of the membership card at the door on the day of the event or class.
  5. Members have one month to withdraw their card. If after the month the membership card, is not withdrawn, it will be discarded without any refund.
  6. Printing of a new membership card cost £3.00
  7. Rumba Latina reserves the right to cancel any membership if it considers that the member has committed any damage to the reputation of the business. There will be NO refunds.
MONTHLY OFFER (Advanced payment)
  1. The offer is valid for both members and non members.
  2. It cannot be transferred and not refundable.
  3. The beneficiary can attend as many classes as he/she wishes, during the mention month, except on Saturday Parties, which this offer does not apply.
  4. Once paid there will be no refunds.
  5. To obtain the offer, the beneficiary must present the reedem card at the door.
Private Lessons
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