Frequently asked questions

I do not have a partner. Can I go on my own?


I have not dance before. Is there a complete beginner level?

Yes. There is always a beginners level.

How long will it take me to learn?

It will depend on your conmitment. Normaly to have a good level will take you at least four months taking one class per week.

Do I need to pre-booked the classes?

No, you do not need to pre-booked classes. Classes are simple pay as you come, therefore do not worry if you can not make it on a regular basis, you can still join at any time.

When would the Social Dance start?

Social Dance takes place after the classes. It is a great oportunity to practice, gain confidence on the dance floor and meet people. Due to the current situation it is still no safe to practice it. We will inform you when this activity will be back.

Which styles of dance can I learn?

We offer SALSA corssbody on 1. Modern Bachata and Sensual Bachata.

What does the £10 include?

The cost includes the classes and Social Dance.

What is include in the entry fee?

The entry fee includes all the classes and Latin Party/Social Dance. There is not discount if you want to take only one class.

I do not want to learn in a group. Do you offer Private Lessons?

YES. Private lessons can take place in any day and any time depending on your availability. Please, call us to arrange it.

Do you bring guest instructors?

Yes. We bring guest instructors. They normaly come for the intermediate/advanced levels.

Is the Social Dance FREE?

The Social Dance is part of the class therefore, if you come to the classes then it will be free. If you come only for the social is on Mondays and thurdays is free but, it is £5 on Saturdays.

Are the classes only in Watford?

YES. At the moment we offer classes only at Watford.

Is there a reward if I become a regular customer?

Yes. Every time you come to a class you receive a stamp. Collect nine of them and you will get a free class.

Do you have any discounts?

From time to time we do promotions or discounts. We published them on the web-side.

What classes will open in May?

We are starting: 1. Beginners levels (only basic steps) 2. Improvers and intermidiate levels (fallowers styling)