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  • I have never danced before. Is there a complete beginners level?
    Yes, we always have a complete beginners level. You do not need to bring a partner we do partner rotation, so everyone has the oportunity to practice. You can join in at any time.
  • I do not have a partner.  Can I go on my own? 
    During the classes we rotate couples, therefore you do not need to bring your partner. This activity also allows you to meet the other members of the group.
  • How long will it take me to learn? 
    It all depends on your commitment. Normally to have a good level, defend yourself on the dance floor, it will take you at least six months taking one class per week.
  • Do I need to book classes in advance?
    No, it is not necesary to book classes in advance. Classes are simple "pay as you come" so do not worry if you can not make it a regular basis, you can still join in at anytime.
  • What is a Social Dance?
    Social dancing is an activity that takes place after each class. Thirty minutes of music to dance, practice and meet people. It is very popular with attendees as it helps build their confidence on the dance floor and meet people from the other levels.
  • What dance styles do you teach?
    We teach SALSA corssbody on 1, Bachata and Kizomba.
  • Do I have a discount if I want to do only one dance style?
    Yes, if you want to start learning just one dance style, be it Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba, you can do it. The costo it will be £10.00
  • Do you offer private lessons?
    Yes, we offer private classes either for one person or for a group. The costs are detailed in "other services". The classes can take place preferably, in instructor's home, or in any other place. The cost for rent, transportation and additional is not included. Private classes are aimed at those who do not have a fixed work schedule or who want to gain confidence before joining a group.
  • Do you bring guest instructors?
    Yes. We bring guest instructors. Usually they come for the intermediate and advanced levels. It is announced in advance at the website.
  • Do you have offers and discounts?
    From time to time we run promotions and discounts. These are published on the website. For members we offer a £2.00 discount at all the events organized by us. This discount does not apple for workshops.
  • What kind of clothes and shoes should I wear for the classes?
    Follower wear regular shoes with smooth soles, such a leather or suede, for easy movements on the dance floor. Leaders do not wear shoes that have a strong grip (like running or tennis shoes), these are going to stop you turning smoothly and could even hurt your ankles or knees.
  • Do you have parties?
    Yes. We do parties or also called "Latin Party" on the first Saturday of the month. These parties are the excellent opportunity for you to practice, meet people and socialize. They are open to the everyone regardless of their dance level. You can bring your own drinks and snacks.
  • What is the dress code for the Latin Parties?
    We ask to wear semi-formal clothing. Women preferably wear dresses and high heels. DRESS TO IMPRESS. We kidly ask the men not to wear hats or running shoes.
  • What is music policy on the Latin Parties?
    DJs will play 40% Salsa, 30% Bachata, 20% Kizomba and 10% other Latin music such as Merengue and Reaggeton
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